Which I in the end sorry for

David van Beveren u

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Fantastic response, well though out, and I appreciate you referencing exact points. So glad I took the time to type all of this out instead of. Who cares about context, right?

Canada Goose Online Considering you live in the Netherlands (I assume), I coordinately invite you to visit a few farms with me. Please send me a private message and join me in throwing a dart at the map around Friesland, walk there with me, and let see what we Canada Goose Outlet find first: your utopia, or my hell. Canada Goose Online

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You claim that I am maliciously lying about my Dutch cows walk in open air claim My original statement was indeed wrong. Which I in the end sorry for.

You come with a 95% claim which is also wrong, which you can back up. In the end 68% of the cows in the Nederlands are walking outside as my Dutch CBS statistic shows. Or are they wrong? Because I don get the argument we are here having otherwise.

buy canada goose jacket I never made any claim about non Dutch cows. Hence your global statistics, or these video outside the Netherlands do not apply. It would also behoove you to not randomly delete your comments, because nothing in that comment was referring to your earlier claim. Which we unfortunately can check anymore. Checkmate I guess. buy canada goose jacket

I am not coming with you. Maybe if I took a liking to you we could take a detour to a Frisian farmer. But I found our way of conversation, and accusations I thus far got highly unpleasant.

Canada Goose online davidvanbeveren 1 point submitted 13 hours ago Canada Goose online

I did not claim you were maliciously lying, I literally said that you were „either misinformed or lying” (since there no way for me to know your intentions), in this case, you were mistaken. No biggie.

The 95% statistic is for global meat and dairy production in factory farms, I apologize for stating it was the Netherlands and I take responsibility for that. Still, walking outside or not, they all end up raped (forced birth because otherwise they don produce milk for their babies) and used for 3 5 canada goose outlet canada years until they literally milked beyond physically able, and then sent to a cheap canada goose online slaughter house to die a horrible death. The process I showed in those videos are used, globally, as industry standards.

I never deleted any comments, only have made additional edits, if you feel that I removed something specific, please let me know, and if I did by accident remove something, I own up for canada goose online uk reviews that. I don believe I did at all.

Canada Goose Outlet That fine, I have no interest in this as well. I apologize for any rudeness or canada goose uk online store unpleasantness in my replies to you. Have a good day. 208 points submitted https://www.fanclub-fulton-smith.de 1 day ago Canada Goose Outlet

„For those that feel disappointed with this new direction, we can only say we are doing our best to honor our bodies and our health while continuing to serve this community in the most authentic way possible.”

canada goose uk outlet Your „honor” has no merit, and your actions will cause needless suffering and death in this world to those who need us the most. You were never truly Vegan, and our animals friends deserve better than to have been represented by someone by the likes of you, minimalist baker. canada goose uk outlet

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She actually never claimed to be a vegan. Her website has always made it clear that she and her partner are „mostly plant based” even though her recipes were vegan and included gf options.

Also. „if you aren vegan now then you never were” is a silly and stupid argument. Changing your views doesn invalidate all previous work and effort. If you were canada goose outlet edmonton a vegan for 5 years and then become non vegan it doesn invalidate 5 years worth of effort and work.

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Canada Goose Parka Also. „if you aren vegan now then you never were” is a silly and stupid argument. Changing your views doesn invalidate all previous work and effort. Canada Goose Parka

You both right and wrong. No, it does not invalidate her previous work and effort. However, it was clear that she never was Vegan if she made a change like this (and you also confirmed this).

canada goose factory sale Veganism is first and foremost about animals and animal welfare, if you switch over because you think a milk chocolate bar is tasty, or you not feeling as healthy (and you lack the motivation to see a a proper doctor or nutritionist), then no, you weren Vegan canada goose outlet in toronto at all. She was plant based, or her blog was plant based, it was not Vegan and never was Vegan. canada goose factory sale

canada goose uk black friday Someone who was Vegan would talk to a doctor or nutritionist, or do all that they could to solve the problems they were having to avoid doing something that was wrong to their moral core. Even if for some unknown unlikely reason she had to consume animal products to feel better, if she was Vegan in her heart, canada goose outlet woodbury she wouldn advocate animal exploitation to her millions canada goose shop review of followers. canada goose uk black friday

uk canada goose A Vegan would never do that. If I was sick, and no doctor could help me (improbable but maybe I saw a terrible cheap canada goose doctor), and I had to eat chicken wings to feel better, that wouldn change my heart or my love for chickens and their welfare (read: Vegan), I would never advocate to others kill chickens because I needed it in my recipes. uk canada goose

canada goose coats Whether she claimed to be Vegan or not, it is a fair assessment to say that most people that jump out of Veganism were never really Vegan at all, they were plant based canada goose coats.

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