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canada goose factory sale 8 points submitted 4 months agoWhile the pacing of this movie is excellent and there are some great scenes, there are a lot of aspects of this film that have aged very poorly. The movie handles race the worst of the trilogy by far, and Willie is a problematic female character. You may not think Willie and Short Round are that bad, but a lot of people disagree with you which means there isn’t an objective answer there. I personally think there are a ton of problems with how Willie is written, I find her incredible annoying and I don’t think she has any chemistry cheap canada goose with Indy whatsoever, which makes their relationship confusing and nonsensical. Short Round is okay but I like him the least out of all of Indy’s sidekicks. I also don’t like the villain at all in this, because he isn’t really a character like Belloq and Donovan are. He’s just mysterious evil man.The movie also kind canada goose outlet store quebec of fucks with the lore a bit. At the beginning of Raiders Indy is a sceptic on „religious hocus pocus”, but since Temple canada goose outlet store usa is a prequel it means that Indy has already seen supernatural stuff so his attitude at the beginning of Raiders makes no sense.As I said, there are things about this canada goose outlet store toronto movie canada goose outlet new york city that work but the things that don’t work are pretty glaring. I respect your opinion but I think it’s a stretch to call it the best out of the three. I think it’s the weakest by far, and I showed it to my wife (she had never seen it as a kid because her parents thought it was too violent and occultish), and she absolutely hated it. It may have some slicker directing that the other two, but there are reasons it’s the most polarizing of the trilogy.At least we can all agree they were right not to make any more. Can you imagine how bad a fourth Indy movie would canada goose outlet montreal be?SuperBearJew 2 points submitted 4 months agoI think you hit a great point about characterization. Indy, Willie, Short Round and Mola Ram are all pretty flat characters in ToD. Willie is a weak female character, Short Round is a problematic stereotype, and Mola Ram is just evil for the sake of evil. The tone is totally off compared to Raiders. ToD simultaneously takes itself too seriously, while also being totally off the rails and silly. It doesn mesh well.On a related note, to address the problems of race in canada goose mens uk sale the film: ToD offers some pretty nasty stereotypes and orientalizes the locals. BUT, Indiana Jones is rooted in pulp adventure novels, and a big aspect of those novels is the exoticism and orientalism. I think ToD is merely an homage to those stories, and keeps the problematic aspects of them to keep the thematic and atmospheric continuity.I don think ToD is nearly as bad as its reputation is (nor Crystal Skull, but that another story) but it definitely no Raiders. check out Steven Soderbergh recut of it with no audio and in B/W. She really the only one who ends up pursuing her own agenda separate from IndianaWhile Marion has a fantastic introduction the narrative turns her into a pretty useless damsel in distress which feels forgotten in a lot of the conversation around it.There definitely an interesting conversation about lensing media through older frames. Do filmmakers claiming elements of their work are a homage to older standards inoculate them from criticism? I think a certain level of self awareness is needed in that regard. The orientalist elements at play in ToD still feel very rooted in 80s stereotypes around India. I think you could have embraced the setting of a crumbling British empire without having a „yum monkey brains” scene.TrippEvans 1 point submitted 5 months agoWhat led me to say that the Nazis are painted more sympathetically is the moments like when all those people recognize Fredrick Zollar when he meets Soshanna canada goose clearance uk at the cafe, or the scenes in the bar. Both of which center entirely around the Nazis having friendly, casual relationships with each other.On top of that, though, it the fact that the Basterds, and Soshanna, are using incredibly brutal tactics, as well as the imagery of Soshanna projector ghost laughing at all the burning people. From a historical perspective, the their actions are completely justifiable, canada goose bird uk but going off of exclusively what shown in the movie, it seems like complete overkill.And this falls more into the fan theory realm, but I think that it was Hans Landa intention to get the Third Reich killed from the moment he his question to Soshanna in the Cafe. While he was definitely acting in his own self interest when he demanded a house on a private island, I think that he did so knowing that he had already ended the war, and that the Basterds would agree to any terms. I see it as icing on the cake for Hans, not the main motivation.And I completely agree that marking the Nazis isn even remotely comparable to the way Jews were marked. Although I do think that the star of David badges are what inspired Tarantino to add that detail Canada Goose Coats On Sale to the Basterds routine.SuperBearJew 6 points submitted 5 months agoBoth the scene with Frederick and the bar scene have more layers than just „Nazis are normal people.” People recognize Frederick and are friendly with him. Why? He killed hundreds of men and his actions are being glorified in a film, but he treated like a star. The group uk canada goose outlet in the bar are jovial and are shown as human (Wilhelm bargains for his life with the birth of his son) but show the utmost disrespect and vitriol towards Von Hammersmark (for being a traitor.)I think that Tarantino is trying to show how easy it is for hate/violence to be normalized, even amongst otherwise friendly and „human” individuals. The glee the audience takes at watching Frederick film is juxtaposed with the Shoshanna glee for revenge, as well as the viewer glee watching Hitler get his face shot off.If anything, Tarantino is critiquing the normalization/desensitization of violence in film. Considering Tarantino personal politics, especially surrounding BLM and police, it seems extremely unlikely that he would come close to any sort of humanization/apologism for Nazis. 6 points submitted 5 months ago canada goose factory sale.

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